Welcome to the Chime Zone at Other Worlds Glass Arts and Wind Chimes

Here, at Other Worlds, you will find some very interesting and innovative products made from hand blown stained glass and driftwood. From the world famous Tinkly Winkler wind chime, to our blown glass wind bells, wind lanterns, wave forms, and wind spirials. Our stained glass products are made from the finest materials, with a strong emphasis on recycling. Some of these materials include hand blown stained glass, driftwood, and aluminum. We are a hands on company, with every item being individually designed and hand-crafted by skilled artisans.

We have several other items that include:

Tinkly Winkler

Tinkly Winkler windchimes are made from the finest blown and other glasses. As durable as they are beautiful, Tinkly Winklers are known for their bright, crisp tinkly sound, and thus, the name was born. With all the colors in our glass palette and each unique and naturally skulpted piece of driftwood, no two Tinkly Winklers are ever alike. This means that no matter what one or five you buy, there will never be another like yours. Any Tinkly Winkler will quickly become a treasured item.

Wave Form

The Wave Form wind chime is the younger, but bigger brother of the Tinkly Winkler windchime. Wave Forms have pieces that graduate from small to large, like a xylophone, and if you give it a shake, you will see a distinct motion of the glass from one end to the other. This rolling motion, like waves on the ocean, was the inspiration for the name Wave Form. Wave Forms have not one, but two rows of thinly cut glass, giving them a light but full bodied sound, reminiscent of falling rain. The second row is usually made with clear glass, so you probably can't see it in the photos, but you will definitely know that it's there when you hear it.

Wind Bell

Our blown glass wind bells have rich, yet subtle tones, reminiscent of distant church bells. Carefully hand tuned, our glass windbells come in notes that cover an octave and a half, making it possible to create a set of bells in the chord to your favorite song. Looking closely at the top of your bell, you will notice that we have inscribed the note into it. This is great to know, when you are ready to add new notes to your windbell set. You can find tuned chimes in a million places, but you won't find tuned glass wind bells anywhere else.

Wind Bell Candle Lantern

Our Windbell-candle lantern is a slight variation of our Wind bell. Certain opaque colored bells make a nice lamp, so we have made the bell support a rack that can hold a candle. You can hang them from your deck or out in a tree, it doesn't really matter, since no electricity is necessary. Our tuned Windbell-candle lantern could be just what you romantic music lovers and candle light mystics are looking for, wherever you want a little light, sound, magic.

Wind Spiral

Wind Spirals, from Song of the Wind, are stained glass and wooden spirals that spin gracefully in the wind. As your spiral turns in the slightest breeze, the beautiful stained glass passes through the colors of the rainbow. All of this kinetic beauty made possible by the precision ball bearing swivel. Wind Spirals are not made by us, but are the high quality we look for, for our cataloge. Hand-crafted in the USA.

If you'd like to purchase a Tinkly Winkler wind chime, please visit our online catalog. To purchase a Wind-Bell Lantern, please visit our online catalog. If you'd like to purchase a Wind Bell, please visit our online catalog. To purchase one of our Wave Form wind chimes, visit our online catalog. Our Wind Spirials are stained glass and wooden spirals that spin gracefully in the wind and can also be purchased by visiting our online catalog.

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